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A Guided Tour with M.River and T.Whid


The M.River and T.Whid tour is meant to be a welcoming gesture in which M.River and T.Whid hope to dispel the feeling some new gallery visitors have that the staff is cold or snobbish

We also invite you to fill out the comment form at the end of this page. We will incorporate your comments into the narrative of the tour so future visitors will feel as if they are exploring the galleries with a large and lively group.


(A very large glass door opens into the V-TAV office. In front of the very large glass desk and next to the very large stone fireplace is a very large steel elevator.)

M River (wearing a hard hat and a black turtle neck) Welcome to the V-TAV. Sorry about the mess but we've been working hard on the renovation for Dave Colosi's solo show.

T Whid (wearing a hard hat and a black suit) Yeah, come on in but step carefully, that exposed BX cable is live.

M River As you can see, (points to the large steel elevator) Dave has designed an elevator for his show here at V-TAV.

T Whid (as he welds on the last piece of steel to the doors) Boy, you never know what you can do until you set your mind to it...whoooeeeee... Anyway, M River and I are very excited to present Dave's work entitled "Verticulating a Tree."

M River In this work, Dave constructs a text that is understood through its non-sequenced components. In the text, Dave seems to be looking at the structure of text, specifically, about the active/passive text of contemporary computer-based communication.

T Whid Umm...Hey M, I thought Dave said it was about a tree.

M River Ohh....Yeah, Actually this is about an elevator in a gallery and a tree in Brooklyn.

T Whid (As he christens the new elevator by smashing a very large glass bottle of champagne on the doors) So step right in, (doors of the elevator open) just push the button marked "Entrance" to go to Dave's first piece.

M River When you're done looking at "Entrance", just push one of the buttons to go to the next floor. Ohhh....did we mention that this building now has at least 21 galleries, the elevator goes in all directions, and we have not had it inspected for safety? No...? Well...ah...good luck.

T Whid (As the elevator doors begin to close) M River and I will be down to continue the tour after we clean up a little. Dave, our friend Kate and M River's Dad are down there wandering around already.

(As the elevator doors close you notice a fluorescent light flickering madly overhead, making a strange popping sound.)

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