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MTAA's Portable First Solo Show Audio Tour & Extended Dance Mix

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Take a tour with MTAA through their first Solo Show at Walden in NYC. MTAA give you behind the scenes anecdotes, explain the genesis of some of their artworks, and help you feel as if you're actually in the gallery. The Tour has a hip, beat-filled backing track mixed by CP_V70. A special Bonus Track entitled "Empty You" by Yab Yum follows the Tour. The Bonus Track was mixed and produced at Mindswerve Studios by award-winning producer/engineer Chris Flam.

special thanks to: Robert Walden, Johnny Gould, Cary Peppermint, Chris Flam, and Allen Bukoff.
Photos by Allen Bukoff.

Tracks on the CD:
  1. The MTAA Promise
  2. TIME!®@PS1 aka The Big Blue Summer
  3. DYHAP Museum Plan
  4. V-TAV: 'Group Text' Hard Copy Version
  5. Site Unseen Tracking Poster
  6. 99 Steps to Contemporary Art in Your Bedroon
  7. Bonus Track: "Empty You" by Yab Yum

running time apx 22:15

relevant information:
MTAA are conceptual and internet artists who live and work in Broolyn, New York. They have been shown internationally in gallerys, in print, and on the web.

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