Website Unseen #68
commissioned by The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art
Sunderland, United Kingdom
It's been two days since T Whid has slept. The skin under the stubble of his face is pale. His eyes are only blurry red slits. It is at times like this that T Whid thinks about M River. Wonders if he's still alive. Sad really. He just never fit in after the NAV. T Whid thinks of the last time he saw M River. It was at some NAV awards dinner. He didn't even come over to say hello, just sat at some table in the back looking down at the tablecloth. It was like looking at a hole in the air. People ask about M River occasionally, heard that he went back to working construction, someone mentioned an ugly divorce. Sad how some people fall apart. T Whid leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. Outside his office window, the moon begins to play hide and seek amongst the night clouds.

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