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Ten Big Fun Projects For The Next Time You Find Yourself In A Museum and Feel Like Doing Some "Oops Body/Action Art For MTAA" (In Relation to the Home Page For The Haphazard.)

document your art / actions and send them to
MTAA @ 39 Ainslie 2L, Brooklyn NY 11211, USA

  1. unzip zipper of pants or dress (good at openings)
  2. lie down on floor and take a nap
  3. untie shoe laces
  4. spend a lot of time looking very thoughtfully at something that is not artwork (exit signs and lights are excellent subjects)
  5. scratch yourself or a friend (hard)
  6. make out with a friend or lover (we know some other artist already thought of this one but you should still try it)
  7. yoga
  8. whistle show tunes
  9. make cell phone call to lover (be VERY explicit)
  10. introduce yourself to others as M River or T Whid of MTAA and claim authorship of some other artist's persistent about it.

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