MTAA's VitoAcconciUpdate Contextualizer
< You have entered an exact replica of Leo Castelli's gallery circa 1972. The gallery is empty except for a long white ramp. At the top of the ramp is a small speaker. As you climb up the ramp, you begin to hear voices coming from the speaker. >

M. River:
Hello and welcome to MTAA's contextualization of the VitoAcconciUpdate. This work should not be confused with Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelly's "Fresh Acconci" or any other ironic or non-ironic remake of the work of the American artist Vito Acconci.

T. Whid:
Hi, thanks for stopping in. The VitoAcconciUpdate is the second in a series of online works in which we automate time-based art from the 60s and 70s.

M. River: The first work in the series is called the OnKawaraUpdate. It was created with P.Erl (aka Alex Galloway) as a splash page for

T. Whid: In a similar manner to the OnKarwaraUpdate, we have taken the basic script of Acconci's performance/artwork and modified it by means of online automation.

M. River: It is our hope not only to resound these artworks but to imprint our voice within them. And, as we mention in the contextualization script for the OnKawaraUpdate, our underlying interest in these works is the desire to live forward in time.

T. Whid: Anyway, enough with the contextualizin'. We hope it will help you enjoy the work. We should mention that the site loads 20 web sites into a single cramped page, so it might take a second (or a few minutes) to fully resolve. Please be patient. Thanks again for stopping by.

M. River: Yes, thanks and "COME" again!

< As you walk down the ramp, you overhear hushed whispers coming from underneath the ramp. >

(T Whid: "COME" again?; What the hell was that all about M. River?)

(M River: I'm Sorry T. Whid. I felt we had to make at least one small masturbation joke or everyone might be a bit disappointed.)

(T Whid: <moan> Well...I think that's just lame. </moan>)

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