Open Letter To Kathy Halbreich, Director, Walker Art Center

Kathy Halbreich, Director
Walker Art Center
725 Vineland Place
Minneapolis, MN 55403
fax: 612 375 7618

May 16, 2003

Kathy Halbreich,

We are writing to express our deep sadness at the decision taken by the Walker Art Center to dismiss Steve Dietz and to terminate the curatorial programme of new media initiatives and to implore you to not forget your institution’s own mandate: to support (by presenting, interpreting, collecting and preserving) the media arts of our time.

The new media arts community is shocked, outraged, frustrated, appalled and disappointed. As Tate webcasting curator Honor Harger has written, “the Walker’s support of artists using technology over the past 5 - 10 years has been highly significant in raising the profile of new media art within cultural institutions around the world. It is hard to imagine the new media art landscape without Gallery 9.”

It is not just Gallery 9 and the landmark digital arts study collection Steve created our community fears losing. We fear for the Walker’s extensive expansion and the failed realization of the new media galleries and flexible technological spaces which Steve helped design. Moreover we fear for continuation of the new media programming of other museums worldwide which followed Steve’s lead and were able to convince their board members, directors and funders to support emerging media by holding up the (democratic, socially engaged) example of the Walker. Steve’s leadership in the field has been one of the most progressive forces within the genre of new media, one of the most rapidly developing fields of our time, and to lose his example is nothing short of tragic.

We find it hard to imagine how Walker could feel confident proceeding into the global age it so well expouses without Steve as part of its team. (As Walker-commissioned artist Jon Winet wrote regarding your staff layoffs, “we’d put Steve in the top seven most important staff at the Walker, not number 140-147” - seven being the number of people you’ve dismissed to balance your fy04 budget). His work consistently demonstrated “a critical understanding of what a center for contemporary art should be about”, in the words of Berlin-based curator Andreas Broeckmann. He is in his curating both “thoughtful and conceptual, really taking what has happened online seriously, and not just looking at technology or the browser. He even tried to build some kind of historical knowledge about net art, a knowledge again not based on the ‘technological ethos’ alone” writes Amsterdam-based critic Josephine Bosma. Louisiana-based artist and curator Patrick Lichty writes that if we are to take the “long view of new media as a historical movement - an airplane which we’re building while zipping through the sky as we speak - to shape the construction of such an undertaking, we need scholars, curators, writers, and artists.” Steve Dietz’s role at Walker was fundamental to the construction of our movement.

Whitney Museum new media curator Christiane Paul writes that, “we all know that education and new media are the areas that usually experience the most severe cuts in times of economic recession. What is highly unusual, however, is that a museum or arts center would cut the program that has established the institution as the leading one in the whole country - which is what the new media initiatives program at the Walker did, largely thanks to Steve Dietz. This cut comes at a time when the rest of the world is gearing up its new media efforts (and the US has been behind on that end in the first place). If US institutions do not at least maintain the new media initiatives they have built so far, they may have to spend millions in the near future to catch up with the rest of the world.”

We lament your decision and hope you are aware of what you have lost and of the respect and support that Steve’s work holds worldwide, from artists and museum professionals alike. We urge you to act responsibly towards Gallery 9, and to conserve and continue to present both the digital arts study collection and the new media projects which were commissioned by Walker during Steve’s tenure. They are an invaluable part of Walker’s - and hence our community’s - collections and resources and history.

Sincerely yours,

Sarah Cook, former WAC intern, new media curator and co-editor, CRUMB (

and the 689 undersigned:

Thanks to everyone who signed the letter in the week it was live on this site. Please read the reply from the Director of the Walker, as well as the letter from Steve Dietz.

Kathy Halbreich's response

Steve Dietz's response

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thanks to: t.whid, Alex Galloway, Jon Winet, Jon Thomson, Robbin Murphy, Honor Harger, Christiane Paul, Patrick Lichty, and The Thingist for helping to put this together.

Clay Newton, artist,

Jason Underhill, Mr., California Institute of the Arts

Edith Garcia, Digital Artist, Former Teen Programme Assistant at Walker Arts Centre

Robin Rimbaud, scanner, Digital Sound Artist

vuk cosic, classic of, Slovenia

Shalom Gorewitz, Video Artist, NYC

Jon Ippolito, artist/Associate Curator of Media Arts/Assistant Professor of New Media, Guggenheim Museum/University of Maine

Jeff Gates, New Media Artist, Web Designer, Washington, DC

James Moore, software developer,

Daniel Sieradski, CEO, The 44, Inc.

Gini Simpson, Digital Arts Manager, SPACE

Andreja Kuluncic & Ivo Martinovic, artists, Zagreb

Johnny Golding, Professor/dr., Chair Philosophy, Visual Arts & Communication Technologies

Yael Eylat, Chair, Digital Media Department, Camera Obscura School of Art, Israel

Jennifer Gonzalez, Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture, University of California

Axel Roselius, Producer, Los Angeles

Sue Thomas, Artistic Director , trAce Online Writing Centre

Ray Robinson, post-industrial noise artist, New Jersey

Mike Marcus, Web Designer, Musician, Pittsburgh

John P. Yuda, artist, Alexandria, VA

Jan Peacock, artist, professor, Halifax Nova Scotia

Michael Connor, Curator [New Media], FACT

Faruk Ulay, Editor, Locus Novus

sarah rosenbaum, digital artist, california

abram stern, aphid,, san francisco art institute

Aram Armstrong, #664, Nihao Collective

Paula Levine, artist/teacher, San Francisco State University

Bill Rude, Creative Director, ATOMIC ROCKET Productions; Los Angeles, CA

SARA DIAMOND, Artistic Director Media and Visual Art, The Banff Centre

Priamo Lozada, Curator, Laboratorio Arte Alameda

rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Artist, Madrid

Julie Lazar, Curator, Director, International Contemporary Arts Network

Caterina Fake, artist & writer,

knowbotic research, artists, Cologne, Germany

huebler christian, Professor, University Art and Design Zurich, Head of Department New Media

Glendale Matias, Art Expansionist, Los Angeles, ca, , Walker-commissioned Net Art artist 2003

gregory t. kuhn, visual and acoustical artist, oakland, ca

Stephen Wilson, professor, san francisco state university

jen kuroki, designer, los angeles, ca

Joline Blais, Asst. Prof. New Media, U Maine, Co- Director, Still Water for Network Art & Culture

Jamie Jamison, artist, los angeles,

Namiko Kunimoto, graduate student, University of British Columbia

Thomas O'Leary, PhD Student, University of Southern California

Andrey Martynov, Director of LeVall Gallery, Novosibirsk, RUSSIA

sheldon schwartz (.com), web designer & developer, boston, ma

Chuck Olsen, Web Producer/Filmmaker, TPT / Blogumentary

Margaret Morse, Professor, University of California Santa Cruz

Karl Erickson, artist,

Sarah Puckitt, Curator of Photography & Digital Images, History San Jose

Greg Allen, collector, early ada'web supporter, new york city

njumedija_, , serbia

Eric Maillet, artist, Paris

Debra A. Davis, Associate Professor, New Media, University of Toledo, WHITNEYBIENNIAL.COM, INTERNET



Ana Buigues, Ph.D. student: art history &,

Christina Yang, Director fo Media Arts, The Kitchen

sarah klein, educator/artist, san francisco

Samuel Bianchini, artist, Paris

Samuel Bianchini, artist, Paris

David Kwan, Technical Director of Intermedia Arts, Mills College

Melanie Crean, Director of Moving Image, Eyebeam

.,, ceo, Australia, spain

Domenico Quaranta, , Italy - Turin University

andrea flamini, artist,

Kyle Schlesinger, Doctoral Candidate - English, SUNY Buffalo

isabelle arvers, newmedia curator, Paris, Cinema of tomorrow, Pompidou Center...

arvers, newmediacurator, paris

Wayne Ashley, Curator of New Media, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

zoran petrovski, senior curator, Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje

Richard Colson, Course Director, BA Digital Arts, London College of Music and Media,

Judy Thomas, Miss,

Brooke Burgess, Writer/Director, "Broken Saints"

Margaret Tan, artist, Singapore

Sheila Petty, Professor and Dept. Head, Media Production and Studies, University of Regina

Roe Bianculli-Taylor, Student, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Gilbertto Prado, , Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Miguel Angel Rios , Artist, New York,NY

stephan hechenberger, computer architect, CADRE

Liz Slagus, Director of Education, Eyebeam

Beth Stryker, artist,

Sawad Brooks, Artist/Critic, New York

Warren Sack, Assistant Professor, Film & Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz

Artur Matuck, Professor, University of São Paulo

marie sester, artist, new york

Geoffrey Wickland, Creative Director, Winvisual Media Hollywood

Kristin Cully, artist, Berkeley, CA

brian mackern, artist, montevideo/uruguay

Chris Byrne, Director, New Media Scotland, Edinburgh

Nora Barry, Producer/Curator, Druid Media

Bart Cannon, English teacher, District 279

teresa serrano, artist, Mexico DF

martin pi, msc., vienna

barbara maria stafford, art historian, university of chicago

Maria Brewster, Head of Collaborations, FACT, Liverpool

Maria Brewster, Head of Collaborations, FACT, Liverpool

Erlea Maneros, artist, Los Angeles

Guy Hermann, Museum Planner, E. Verner Johnson and Associates

Emily Hartzell, artist, Web Curator, The Jewish Museum

bituur esztreym & astrëe galbiatta, finno-magyar filolog & netpoetess, bordeaux, france

Angela Molenaar, Director of Special Projects, EYEBEAM

Sean Toren, Writer, Otto Bock Health Care

emanuele luchetti, engineer, ancona italia

Luigi Pagliarini, Artist, Accademy of Fine Arts of Rome - Italy

nilo casares, art critic, a corunha (spain)

Peter Patchen, Director New Media, University of Toledo

arcangel constantini, artist . curator ,

Jose-Carlos Mariategui, director, Alta Tecnología Andina (ATA), Lima, Peru

Dominique Fontaine, , Montreal, Quebec

Marilyn Hyndman, Programmes Director, Northern Visions, Belfast, Northern Ireland

lauren broeils, programmer, usa

Diane Ludin, Artist,

Bronwen Hodgkinson, Interactive Designer, Northampton, MA

Karoly Toth, artist, Zeroglab Rotterdam

Barrie Collins, artist, Leura, Aust

Søren Pold, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University

Anne Sophie Warberg Løssing, Ph.d., University of Aarhus, Denmark

leslie harpold, sr. art director, Quris, Inc.

Burgaud, drs., the Netherlands

Brett Stalbaum, artist, C5

Michael Craig, Writer, Tucson, AZ

Willow Rossetti-Johnson, writer, US

Erin Malone, designer, photographer,

Lynn Sabin, artist,

Fiona Maxwell, Web Group, J. Paul Getty Trust

Zoe Crosher, Managing Editor, US, Afterall, A Journal of Art, Context & Enquiry

hari sundaram, assistant professor, Arts Media Engineering Center

david familian, artist, san francisco

Norie Neumark, Dr, UTS, Australia

Ricardo Dominguez, network_art_activist, Electronic Disturbance Theater

Jenny Marketou, new media artist/professor, The Cooper Union School of Art,New York City

Charles Alexander, Executive Director, Chax Press, Tucson, and former Executive Director, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis

Bjoern Daempfling, Dr., Berlin / Artist

Sarah Erickson, Sales Account Manager, Minneapolis

Susan Kennard, Producer, The Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Andrew S. Baasch, Principle / Designer, Minneapolis, Minn.

Andrew Ingall, , New York, New York

Laura Perez, Assistant Index Editor, Modern Language Association

Carrie Wothen & Ben Pope, , thirdthing

Neil Lee, Instructor, Creative Arts, Red River College

Craig Kistler, Designer, Small Farm Design

Georgia Lobacheff, Curator, Galeria Nara Roesler

Pamela Jennings, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Karla S. Brunet, photographer,

Annette Schindler, Director, []

jon meyer, artist, Seattle

Joe Kral, Graphic Designer, Former security guard at WAC

ksenija , kovacevic, subotica

Julian Baker, Mr, London

clem paulsen , creative director, clem + co.

Susan Chun, , New York, NY

mauricio sanchez, visual artist, washignton, D.C

Angela Hovis, Producer, New York, NY

horit herman peled, net artist, tel aviv

Jose Illenberger, , Manila

Anne Bray , Director, L.A. Freewaves

ruth catlow, Co-Director/artist, Furtherfield UK

Peter Horvath, net.artist, Toronto, Ca

john slepian, artist, New York

Laurence Upton, writer, a4ideas

Judith Zissman, Artist and Curator, 20 Things

anne ellegood, curator, collection of peter norton

Scott Topper, poet, Chicago

Steve Sacks, Director, bitforms

Johannes Auer, artist, Stuttgart

Susan Edwards, Writer/Editor, Web, J. Paul Getty Trust

maria x, mphil/phd, london

Samuel Miller, , Binginit / Portland, OR

tomcosgrave, editor, DublinStories

Danièle Racine, New Media Art Programmater, Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM)

Mary C. Wilson, artist, visual critic,

Davin Risk, Designer, Fluffco, Toronto, Canada

Douglas Sery, Acquisitions Editor, The MIT Press

cécile petit, redactrice, france

mathew sargent, digital archivist, Manchester, VT

jody zellen, artist, los angeles

Carl Goodman, Director of New Media Projects, American Museum of the Moving Image

Charles H. Traub, Chairperson, School Of Visual Arts

Shelly Silver, artist, New York

Paul Catanese, Artist, SAIC

christo wallers, mr, side cinema

Penelope Wakeham, Artist, England

Kris Cohen, Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, UK

Geoffrey Long, Editor-in-Chief, Inkblots Magazine

joy garnett, artist,

Niki Holmes, Principal Collaborative Arts Projects, Multi-displinary design studio, Londonn

karen guthrie & nina pope, artists,

Nathalie Magnan, prof,, ecole nationale superieure des neaux arts de dijon, france

Benj Gerdes, artist, San Francisco

Brooke Singer, artist/curator, new york

Prema Murthy, artist,

drew devereaux, designer, california

Lizzie Muller, Digital Arts Programmer, Junction, Cambridge, England

Beatriz da Costa, Artist / Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY, Buffalo

Golan Levin, Artist, NYC

Jens Gebhart, Artist, Stuttgart, Germany

John Klima, Artist, New York

Lee A Wells, Artist / Creative Director, IFAC - NYC

Alison Colman, art educator, artist, Ohio University School of Art, Art Education Area

Matthew Fuller, Lector, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam

William Furlong, Artist, Audio Arts. London

john malloy, designer,

Charles Csuri, artist/professor, Ohio State University

Valentina Tanni, critic - curator, Rome, Italy

G.H.Hovagimyan, artist / educator,

Justin McDowell, designer/developer, Minneapolis

Andres Yepes, new media artist, independet

Steve Mencher, Producer, Mensch Media

Photography now, , Berlin Germany

Pedro Oliveira, Art Director, Portugal

maria best, artist, berlin, germany

Nat Muller, curator - editor - writer - critic - producer, Rotterdam, .NL

Emma Thomas, Education and Public Programme Manager, BALTIC

Sally Mincher, Artist, ACAVA London England

paik + platzek, artists, New York/Berlin

femke dekker, freelance curator, amsterdam

carl jaycock, digital media , artist

DellaBeffa Carla, artist, Milano, Paris

Tom Kemp, Artist, UK

Stephanie Owens, artist, NYC, Parsons School of Design

Andrey Efimoff, an artist, St.Petersburg, Russia


Andrey Efimoff, , St.Petersburg, Russia

Daniel Salom, Graphic Designer, Barcelona (Spain)

James Coupe, Artist, London

nada beros, senior curator, Zagreb Museum of contemporary art

Damir Rasic, Graphic designer, Belgrade

Jose Luis Brea, director aleph, professor UCLM (spain)

Ruth Pagès, , Barcelona, Spain

jason bruges, mr, london

fran ilich, author / editor, mexico

Kursat, Designer, Istanbul City - Turkey

Merilyn Fairskye, artist, SCA, University of Sydney, Australia

Paul Brown, artist and writer, Australia/England

Irina Aristarkhova, , Cyberarts Research Initiative, National University of Singapore

Paul Magdassian, , Coventry, UK

Andrew Childs, artist & web developer, Brooklyn

Maitre Andre , Digital art artiste, Switzerland

Jean-François Goyette, , Ottawa

Jess Louwagie, Creative Director / ArcStone, Minneapolis

sarah kenderdine, creative producer, melbourne

Dan Joseph, Design Consultant, W3RK Creative Bureau

Adam Nash, Artist, Centre for Animation and Interactive Media, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Annette Weintraub, artist,

Xavier Pick, Artist,

Victoria Vesna, artist, chair, Design | Media Arts

Chad Nau, Student, New York City

wendy lindstrom, former minnesotain ,

Matt, Eller, former WAC Design Director

tim ferguson sauder, designer, artist, gloucester MA

e.g.ø, artist,

doron golan, artist, ny

Mark Soulsby, Interactive Media Student, Bournemout, UK

Daniel Palmer, Project Coordinator, Centre for Contemporary Photography

James Mansfield, New Media Designer, Australia

zina kaye, artist,

Sellam Michael, artist, Paris, France

Jonathan Keller, artist, Brooklyn

Cinque Hicks, Artist, The INFLUX House

Susan Collins, artist & lecturer, Slade Centre for Electronic Media, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London

Vince Dziekan, Coordinator of Digital Imaging & Photomedia, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Charlotte Frost, ,

Anne-Marie Boisvert, editor/curator/writer, Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal

Inke Arns, independent curator, Berlin, Germany

Michael Joaquin Grey, Artist,

rick silva, artist, boulder, CO, USA

Elisa Harkins, artist/curator/internetologis, Chicago, IL

Bruce Wands, Artist, Musician, Chair, MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Arts, New York,

Tom Erbe, Studio Director, California Institute of the Arts

Brian Judy, Artist, Maryland

Greg Smith, , serial con & sign

Elena Bajo, Artist, NYC

Katherine Lambert, Principal/Faculty, M+A+P / CCAC

Keith Watson, Director, London, UK

Christiane Robbins, Associate Professor, University of Southern California

Bob Thomson, Creative Director, Scotland

Paul DeMarinis, Assistant Professor, Electronic Media, Stanford University

nicholas economos, artist, alfred,ny

Mathew , Kabatoff, Artist, San Diego

Robert Nideffer, Associate Professor, UC Irvine

Matt Lambert, Graphic Designer, Vancouver

mark bartlett, theorist, san francisco

Tom Trenka, Web Programmer, Composer, Artist, St. Paul

Daniel Boen, President,, Minneapolis

Andreas Brøgger, Editor, Hvedekorn

melnicomm, art director, graphic designer, Germany-Italy

melnicomm, art director, graphic designer, Germany-Italy

Michael Mandiberg, Artists, Los Angeles

Michael Armstrong, Environmental/New Media Designer, JPRA Architects

Geoff Stearns, Web UI Developer, Tucson, AZ

Eric Mortensen, designer/student, Blume Industries

Tristan Benedict-Hall, None, Baltimore

h.d.mabuse, artist, Re:combo

Sharon Daniel, artist/professor, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz

Paul Zachary, , New York, New York

Marisa S. Olson, Artist/Critic/Curator; Associate Director, SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA

Robert Atkins, writer & activist,

Anthony Discenza, Artist,

Katherine Behar, Artist / Educator, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Marcia Tanner, Independent curator, writer, Berkeley, CA

Chris Lea, Interactive Developer / Author,

Lisa Jevbratt, Assistant professor, UCSB

Anthony Cintron, Creative Director, Tampa, FL.

Natalie Bookchin, Artist/Professor, CalArts

Chen Jianzhong, Visual communication researcher, Shanghai, China

paula roush, researcher visual culture, university of london

Johan Bergström, System Developer, Johannesson & Bergström

Nancy Ann Coyne, Artist&Visual Anthropologist, Minneapolis

Biodun Iginla, Writer, Journalist, Minneapolis, USA and Chengdu, China

Beth Kanter, , Arts and Technology Consultant

Paul Hertz, Co-Director, Center for Art and Technology, Northwestern University

Andy LeMay, Designer,

Jeremy Brady, Designer, San Francisco

Michael Mandiberg, Artist, Los Angeles

Scott Raleigh, Video Artist, Minneapolis

Kelly Cook, Interactive Designer, Williams

Marla Misunas, Manager, Collections Database, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Alastair Roberts, Writer / journalist, South Africa

Sven Robert Hillman, Environmental Researcher, Winnipeg, Canada

ryan griffis, instructor, SW missouri state univ.

Laura Kurgan, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Princeton University

heather champ, ,

Carl Skelton, artist, director, digital Humanities Research Center, brooklyn Polytechnic

Eric Paulos, , Intel Research Berkeley

John Schott, Director, Media Studies, Carleton College

Vivian Selbo, web worker, web worker, NYC

Benjamin Weil, Curatorial Chair, Eyebeam

Catherine Liu, Professor, Minneapolis

Eddo Stern, Artist , Los Ageles

Sorrel Ahlfeld, film director, 2Sense Films

Paul Wilde LHeureux, Web Designer, Fargo, ND

Matthew Marco, artist,

Devin Clark, Video Artist, New York

pinguino kolb, owner, penguin palace

francis mckee, head of digital arts and new media, cca, glasgow

Stephen Nowlin, Director, Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design

Christopher Fahey, artist, Brooklyn, NY

jason salo, student, cleveland institute of art

Michael Theodore, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado

Nora Paul, Director, Institute for New Media Studies - Univ. of Minn.

J. Nagle, Designer/Student, Savannah College of Art and Design

Daniel Shearer, ,

Brian D. Kelly, Creative Director, Cleveland, Ohio

Eduardo Kac, Artist, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

judith donath, professor, mit media lab

Sandy Maliga, ,

Scott Minneman, designer/technologist/artist, Onomy Labs, Inc.

Sonya Rapoport, Media Artist, Berkeley

Gavin Nosler, Designer, Redondo Beach, California

Julie Penfold, Director, LabCulture

Ann Klefstad, critic and artist, editor, Duluth/Minneapolis

Alain Depocas, Director of the Research and Documentation Centre, Daniel Langlois Foundation

Scott Snibbe, Artist, San Francisco, CA

Justin Bakse, Artist +Educator, Minneapolis College of Art + Design

Brian Goldfarb, Asst Professor of Communication, University of California, San Diego

Carol Stakenas, Deputy Director & Curator, Creative Time

much, emir, germany

Tim Plumb, Pixelpimp, TP3

simon pope, artist,

Kanarinka, Artist/Curator, iKatun

Bettina Lockemann, Artist, Cologne, Germany

Pearl Gluck, filmmaker, nyc

Pernille Schmidt, ,

megan vossler, artist, faculty, minneapolis college of art and design

Lorie Novak, artist, New York

Jim Watts, Mr., Calgary, AB

Steven McCarthy, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Julian Bleecker, Art Technologist,

Fred Ritchin, Director, PixelPress

Peter Lunenfeld, Professor, Art center College of Design

John Perkins, Executive Director, CIMI

Oswald Cuervo, Executive Creative Director, shao.studios, inc.

Adam Wood, Art Director, Texas

Selina Larsen, Citizen / Worker, Minneapolis / MCAD

Alejandro Quinto, former WAC design intern, Institute without Boundaries

Dana Plautz, Chair Art and Entertainment, Intel

Josh Nespodzany, senior multimedia developer, pittsburgh PA USA

Kasper Nielsen, Webdesigner, Denmark

Mark Callahan, Assistant Director, Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE), The University of Georgia

Simon Mills, Web Developer, trAce Online Writing Centre

Marvin Heiferman, , seen, New York

Rita Raley, academic, UCSB (formerly U Minnesota)

Valerie Lamontagne, Curator / Artist, Montreal, Canada

Stefano Caldana, journalist , curator , El Pais - Spain

Kati Geber, Applications Interface Design, Canadian Heritage Information Network

Elizabeth Mann, designer,

ben benjamin, artist,

Andrej, Tisma, artist, art critic and curator / Novi Sad, Serbia

Edward Shanken, Executive Director, Information Science & Information Studies, Duke University

Rudolf Frieling, Researcher, ZKM Karlsruhe

Michael Gustafson, graphic designer, boston, ma

Janice Seline, Curator of Exhibitions, Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Beverley Hood, artist, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kathy Brew, media producer/curator/consultant, NYC

Kevin E. Bray, Photographer, New York

Daniel W. Breckenridge II, New Media Director, St. Petersburg, FL

Gene Pittman, Artist, Minneapolis, MN

Britta Boland, Associate Professor, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea

Bob Boston, Designer & Writer, Toronto, ON

Lynn Lukkas, Assoc Professor of Time and Interactivity / Director of Graduate s Studies, University of Minnesota

Mouchette, artist/work of art, Amsterdam

Kristoffer Ørum, artist,

Kenn Louis, Creative Director, Cleveland, OH

Charles Ray, Lay Off a Painter, Dallas, TX

Michelle Kasprzak, Producer, Canadian Film Centre

Simon Pollard, Artist/Designer, UK

Lane Hall, artist, badscience

Daniel García Andújar, artist, Technologies To The People

julia scher, artist, cambridge

michael naimark, artist; director, arts lab project,

Tamas Banovich, co-director , Postmasters Gallery

Rosanne Altstatt, Director, Edith Russ Site for Media Art

chuck anderson, designer/developer, chicago, il

Andrea Toniolo, Executive Producer, Italy

Ricardo Lopez De Azua, Designer, Orlando, FL

Jeff Parker, VP, Senior Information Architect, Frankfurt Balkind / Hill Holliday, New York

chris comer, ms, visual artist, australia

Tania Blanich, Director, The Program for Media Artists

kevin murphy, designer, dublin

Lester Shen, Associate Dean, BS:Visualization Program, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Anne Pasternak, Exec. Director, Creative Time

Sarah Martin, Assistant Curator, BALTIC, UK

Chris Cassell, Creative Director, Ann Arbor, MI

Chris Barr, New Media Designer,

Bronwyn Mahoney, , Paris

giselle beiguelman, , brasil

Christian Giordano, Multimedia Developer, Milan - Italy

Kyle, Talbott, artist > all things visual

kamal ackarie, Mr,

Shaun Inman, Designer/Programmer, Designologue

Dirk De Wit, new media curator, Brussels-Belgium

Nic Tinworth, New Media Designer, London

Andrew Van Fleet, President, United States

Colette Gaiter, New Media Artist, University of Minnesota

amy franceschini, artist, Founder, Futurefarmers, San Francisco

Eastwood, Real Time Strategy Group,

Alessandro Ludovico, editor, Neural Magazine, Italy

Seth Thompson, media artist and writer, Ohio

Adam Bullied, Chief Creative Officer, Solution Wave, Inc.

ken goldberg, artist and prof. of engineering, uc berkeley

Jeremy Latimer, Artist, Director Lowood art Gallery,

Perry Bard, artist,

David Metcalfe, Chief Executive, Forma,uk

roger malina, Executive Editor, Leonardo

Sjors, , Utrecht - Netherlands

Elliott Young, IT Technician, BALTIC The Centre for Contemporary Art

Tapio Makela, Programme chair, ISEA2004/m-cult

Ugo Gagné, Graphic Designer, TheSponj

Simone Biffi, Art director, artist,

Debra Solomon, media artist, Amsterdam

Rich McCoy, Creative Director, Cambridgeshire, England

Jakob Helmer, Student, Denmark

Deborah King, publisher/editor, mark(s)

lynn hershman, artist/professor, university of california, davis

shu lea cheang, artist, nomad

francis hunger, , artist

Peter Schioler, Graphic Designer, Denmark

Benjamin Fischer, , Stuttgart

Casey Reas, Artist, IT/US

Mathieu Mantrant O'Dowd, Graphic designer, Limoges, France

mantrant o'dowd, Mr,

Maria Roussou, Virtual Reality artist & scientist, former WAC associate on IAIA, former Head of VR Dept. at the Foundation of the Hellenic World museum, Athens, Greece

Matt Miller, Senior New Media Designer, Navyblue London

luci eyers, , low-fi

Francis Hwang, Director of Technology,

Eddie Berg, Executive Director, FACT, Liverpool

Hannah Redler, Curator, Jubilee Arts c/PLEX and Science Museum, London

Rebecca Shatwell, Media Arts Officer, Arts Council England, North East


Hannah , Civico, BALTIC, Gateshead

Suzanne Treister, artist,

I mean :^(, ,

ian kerrigan, designer and music producer, London UK

Roberta Bosco, journalist - curator, El Pais - Spain

:^) Nuno Sacramento, PhD researcher and "comissaire",

Stefan Ertmann, Student, Copenhagen, DK

Remco Vlaanderen, Curator, World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam

Derek Jones, Designer, Dublin

chris caines, filmaker, artist, sydney

kylie gusset, ,

Dr. Tilman Baumgärtel , media critic,

Joakim Faxvaag, Light Engineer, Designer, Trondheim, Norway

peter kjøller, creative director, denmark

Anya Lewin, Lecturer in Visual Art, University of Plymouth

Amanda McDonald Crowley, cultural worker/ curator; executive producer, ISEA2004

Brian Arthur Mikkelsen, Minister, KUM

Michael Thomas, , Hamburg

Pedro Moreno, Art Director, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Paul Smith , Senior Lecturer Interactive Digital Media , University of the West of England, Bristol

claus kristensen, creative director, Denmark

Christian Klepej, Unterhalter, Graz

boris, //////, \\\\\\

Eduardo Navas, Artist, Los Angeles

A.Adriaansens, director, V2_Organisation

niko, aarghhhh, italy

Karsten Hoffmann, Art Director, Germany

Rola Nassar, student new media and arthistory, Amsterdam

Tom Cullen, Multi media Manager, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Brenda Cleniuk, Director, Soil Digital Media Suite, Neutral Ground

Kurt Schmidt, Freelance Artist, Saint Paul, MN

Oliver Mustoe-Playfair, Internet Consultant, National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations, UK

olia lialina, prof., net artist,

Sean Cubitt, Prof, New Zealand

liesbeth marit, artist, belgium

lieven verkens, designer, belgium

Mike Frank, Creative Director, New York

Chatonsky Gregory, artist, Paris, France

bea gibson, artist, bombay/london

adam hyde, artist, r a d i o q u a l i a

Somaya Langley, Ms, National Library of Australia, Canberra

David Crawford, artist,

zhang ga, artist , parsons school of design

Justin Heideman, New Media Artist,

Jacob Lillemose, critic, Danish Artnode Foundation

Jeeto, artist, los angeles

J Zachary Keenan, student of design, Twin Cities

Emma Bugden, Curator Prospect 2004, City Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

Michael Schmidt, Createch Director, K10k

kindra murphy, designer + educator, minneapolis, MN

Andrea Nelson, doctoral candidate, university of minnesota

Frank Dietrich, wine merchant, Los Altos Hills, CA

Tanya Watkins, Production Designer,

nathaniel stern, artist, johannesburg, south africa

joel miller, graphic designer, goshen, in

Mike Spakowski, Designer, Atomicdust

Mark River, M.River, MTAA

Phillip Paley, Chaka, New Media Enthusiast

David Young, Principal, Triplecode

Suzanne Swenson, artist, Minneapolis

C.d.L., writer/artist,

Eugene Thacker, Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Maria Roth, interactive + other, Vancouver, Canada

David Chan, Student Artist, Stanford, CA and Duluth, MN

ryan, , here

tommy kronquist, designer, medium control

Sean Tubridy, Graphic Designer, Minneapolis

Tony Dolan, Designer, Sydney

JNiwa, Art Director, Plixel

Michael Sheetal, new media artist, Tokyo, Japan

Jeremy Matthews, Designer, Gallaher+Associates

Matt Bennett, Designer, Los Angeles

Marina Zurkow, media artist, PDPal et al

andreas schlegel, , ucsb

yoshi sodeoka, artist, C404

Roman Verostko, Algorist, Pathway Studio

stella lai, principle, San Francisco

Geoff Lillemon, Artist, Oculart

Stefan Huntziger, Designer, Germany

Bryan Peters, webmaster, Houston

Farah Chowdhury, Miss, Glen Allen, VA

todd coker, creative director, artist

alex galloway, , rsg

patrick miller, Partner, Faile

Stacey Barnes, Web Designer, Wellington, New Zealand - of Minneapolis

Tony Kuntz, President, Duluth, MN

thomas swiss, professor of english, univ of iowa

Jon Thomas, artist,

Robert Lee, graphic designer, San Jose, CA

vince leo, chair media arts, minneapolis college of art and design

Jemma Gura, , Prate Computer Channel

Nathan Leo Braulick, Partner, Y-CORE / Los Angeles

Simon O'Neill, Mr., Sydney, Australia

Rachel Greene, ,

Vincent Giard, designer,

Matt Morgan, student, Los Angeles

bill klingensmith, professor/media artist, Rochester Institute of Technology

Zach Miller, designer, Philadelphia

Michael Mittelman, Founder, Aspect Magazine

Sean, Donohue, Designer, Chicago

Mario Van der Meulen, Creative Director, Hong Kong

Guillermo Torres, Design Technologist, San Francisco

e.fladung, designer, los angeles

edi vaché, media artist, los angeles, ca
in progress

Michael Craig, Senior Art Director, Tiffany & Co.

Bruce Barone, Publisher/Photographer, BirchLane Press

Usman Farman, Art Director, New York, New York

Derek Nelson, Art Director,

Joshua Walton, New Media Artist, Developer,, Walker Art Center Freelancer

Eric Judycki, Art Director, Unfederated Inc.

Zainub Verjee, artist,

Michael Elston, New Media developer,

horace andy, , musicman

sven goewie, art director , belgium antwerp

Rachelle Viader Knowles, Assistant Professor, University of Regina

Daniel Rehn, Artist + Museum Retail Director, Illinois

Douglas Lemon, , New York City

peter scupelli, interaction design architect, 0501 Pittsburgh, PA

andre, ,

Oed Ronne, designer, chicago

T. Scott Major, Designer, Matter

Andy Gugel, Designer, Matter

Jesse Kaczmarek, Designer, Matter

Jeroen Bakker, , Paragin Netherlands

magdalena sawon, director, Postmasters Gallery new york

Ben Dover, Newer Media Directer,

Auriea Harvey, Drama Director, Entropy8Zuper!

David Still, Communications, Almere

Andrew Warwick, Art Director, Derbyshire, UK

Horace Pleak, , Pleak Arts Northwest

Jordan McCommons, Multimedia Designer,

Jody Ferry, New Media Designer,

John Eickholt, Graphic Artist, Met/Hodder - Digital Bucket

John Hoyt, Artist, Minneapolis, MN

Piotr Szyhalski, artist, educator, Minneapolis College of Art + Design

Gretchen Wagner, , Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery

Ochen K., artist, former WAC Manager of Digital Design

Mark Avnet, Professor, Multimedia and Communications, Marist College

Michael Kern, Chief Creative Officer, Motionboy Productions

niki gomez, head of new media arts, watermans/cybersalon

Helen Thorington, President & artist, New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. and

Doctor Hugo, Professor, new media researcher,, Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Antwerp, BE

Jordan Crane, Artist / Designer,

Eduard von Lindheim, Founder and artistic director MadreTTor festival, Adapter & New Media United Foundation, Rotterdam, NL

Chris Paul, Artistic Director, IDEA

Joao Fernandes, Creative Director, Lisbon, Portugal

Tom Hammer, Webdesigner, Bergen, Norway

Jason Lachowsky, aspiring visionary, Minneapolis, MN

Anthony Tanaka, designer, Infusion Project

brian pink, artist, los angeles

K Cullen, artist, nyc

Naveed Usman, New Media Designer, UCF Digital Media Lab

Matthew Cooley, new media artist, mpls

Dale MacDonald, Artist/technologist, Onomy Labs, Inc.

Simon Biggs, Professor, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Aaron Martin, Graphic Designer, Relevant Media Group

Rod Dickinson, artist,

christopher otto, artist, new york, new york

Cornelia Sollfrank, artist, Hamburg/Germany

Renda Morton, New Media Artist, Minneapolis

Andrew Walker, Creative Director, Eindhoven Netherlands

john armstrong, project manager/artist, campfire group/fire-works gallery

miles gilbert, student, lots & lots

Andres Galante, designer, Florianopolis-Brazil

linda carroli, editor, fineArt forum

Christian Palino, , Prototype Syndicate

Michael Cina, ,

Mark Tribe, Executive Director,

Fatima Lasay, Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines

Jennifer McMackon, artist,

Annick Bureaud, Art critic and director Leonardo/Olats, Paris, France

Randall Packer, Professor of Electronic Art, Maryland Institute College of Art

Tom Corby, artist, University of Westminster

marc lafia, artist,

Annmarie Lanesey, MFA Candidate Electronic Arts / Artist , RPI Arts Department / iEAR studios

Randy Adams, Associate Editor, trAce Online Writing Centre

Stephen Kovats, electronic media arts researcher, V2_Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam

Regina Célia Pinto, Master's degree in Art History, specializing in the Anthropology of Art ,net.artist, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Susan Hazan, Curator of New Media, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Josephine Bosma, critic, Amsterdam

Denise Delgado, artist/cultural worker, Miami, FL

Joel Weishaus, Visiting Faculty, Portland State University, Portland Oregon

Barbara Lattanzi, visiting artist in digital media - Smith College,

Bethany Bristow, , New York City

Sylvie Parent, editor/curator/art critic, Montreal and Banff

Jennifer Crowe, Producer, Interactive & Broadband, Thirteen/WNET New York Public Television

Robbin Murphy, artist, offshore|online

joseph and donna, corporate performance artists, artists, technology, business leaders, New York City, Advisory board Alternative Musuem, executive board the National Visual Artists Guild

Domiziana, Giordano,

Blackhawk, critic/theorist, The Thing

Saul Albert, Mr, Boxing Club, Limehouse Town Hall

Eric Kluitenberg, Head of New Media, De Balie - Centre for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam

Kate Armstrong, artist, Canada

Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi and Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Artists and Media Practitioners, Raqs Media Collective, Sarai/CSDS, Delhi

Honor Harger, Webcasting Curator, Tate

Amy Gilman, Associate Curator, MOCA Cleveland

Reva Stone, media artist, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Beryl Graham, Dr., Senior Research Fellow, University of Sunderland, UK

Lisa Dorin, Media Field Project Manager, Williams College Museum of Art

Vladimir, Todorovic, California

Reiner Strasser, artist and art-educator, netArteFact

yael kanarek, artist, New York +

Rob van Kranenburg, Teacher, Ghent

Darko Fritz, artist, NL

Justin Braem, , former WAC new media designer and intern

Patrick Lichty, artist, USA

Hannah Redler, curator, C-Plex

Christiane Paul, curator, Whitney Museum of American Art

Anthony Kiendl, Director, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada

Dr. Sue Golding, theorist,

Garnet Hertz, artist,

Trudy Lane, former WAC new media designer,

Caroline Koebel, artist,

Thomson and Craighead, artists,

Jon Winet and Margaret Crane, artists,, artists,

Tim Whidden, artist, MTAA

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, artists,